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With great powers come great laziness. If only we had known... The laziest superheroes alive are here.

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About Lazy Superheroes

Lazy Superheroes in a nutshell

They let themselves go. Okay, okay... But they have superpowers. What about you? Nope. They are not avengers, they are not a shield. But a team! Or maybe a Tim - and some others around, trying to fit in their suit AGAIN.

  • Lazy Superheroes is a club, a community celebrating the super laziness.
  • Lazy Superheroes is a NFT collection: 2 gens, minted on Hedera Token Service.
  • Lazy Superheroes is a brand: a story, characters, apps, comic books...
Lazy Superheroes Club
Lazy farms
About NFT farming

Lazy farms

NFT farming is an exciting way of utilizing your NFTs. With the Lazy farming system, you will have the chance to sow — locking in one or more NFTs for a period — before harvesting your bounty — receiving new NFTs as a reward.

Farming will be implemented utilizing the current and upcoming features of the Hedera network — namely Hedera Token Service (HTS) and smart contracts

NFTs collections eligible include:

  • Lazy Superheroes NFT (gen 1/gen 2),
  • Hashgraph Cards,
  • Lazy Super Dogs,
  • Meerkat Gang
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Gen 1

100 unique NFTs, minted on Hedera, coming with the most exclusive advantages.

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Gen 2

5000 new heroes, time-travelers, fighting the mob over time, and 100 Lazy Super Villains.

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Lazy Super Dogs

Puppies and dogs with something else...

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The Mobs

Bad guys serving the Lazy Super Villains for the worst.

Lazy Superheroes is a Community-driven project

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Lazy Superheroes is a Club


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Private Shop

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NFT Airdrops

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Lazy Gen 1

Meet the very first collection of Lazy Superheroes

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